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Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Tied, 51 to 51!

I think this election cycle has been the most exciting that I can recall in my lifetime (both sides of the aisle). As a centrist I have in the past supported both democratic and republican candidates. This year I am unable to support Donald Trump and looking at the completed 20160211_150413primaries and caucuses it seems likely that he will be the GOP nominee. As a result I have been paying more attention to the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton race.

I have seen a couple polls that came out recently that indicate that they are tied by telephone poll and while it is still a minority of polls the number is growing. This indicates a trend that Bernie Sanders is gaining ground on Hillary Clinton.

I am of the opinion that the best indicator for a poll is actual votes. We so far have three states that have cast their votes for the democratic nominee (Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada). If you remove the super delegates and just look at the voted delegates then it turns out that both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are tied 51:51! Remember this sample is actually people who turned out at the primary and the caucuses to cast their votes.  I think the pollsters and news reporters have completely missed this sample as I have not found this discussed anywhere.