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Are many people are voting for Donald Trump because they despise Hillary Clinton and vice versa. It appears that this election is destined to become a vote for the lesser of two evils. I am curious who is the real favorite this election. It would be really neat if people could vote their conscious instead of voting against their fear.  I optimistically hope that this poll gets circulated around the Internet and there is enough support for a viable third party run based on people’s desires instead of their fears.

Pastor Ray Shawn Mckinnon’s argument

I was intrigued by the logic presented by Pastor Ray Shawn McKinnon. Basically he attests that minorities do not have the option of a “protest vote” (say for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or a Barnie Sanders write-in) and that he feels his only option is to vote for the best viable option. Well this got me to thinking….for several days in fact: What if the whole country was voting on this premise that they are afraid of the consequences so much that they would vote for a less than ideal candidate to prevent the alternative? Further, what if another option actually had a chance but it was suppressed by our fears.

Maybe we have more options than we thought

I urge you to consider who you really would like as president vs who you are planning to vote for because of fear of the alternative. Maybe this poll will show that a clear majority support Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or a write-in (if it’s a write-in we might need another poll). Imagine if we had 2 million responses to this poll and the majority didn’t vote for one of the major party candidates. What would that mean?

Perhaps we (the country) have a viable alternative and we just need the confidence to vote our desires instead of our fears. Then again maybe the results of this poll will instead indicate that we really do need to vote against a worst case scenario as Pastor Ray Shawn McKinon has so eloquently explained. I must admit after reading the Pastor’s thoughts I may very well vote for Hillary instead of casting a “protest vote” like I had planned. While the consequences of a “protest vote” for me are low I can see how it might be high for other people. I hope that there is mass support for something greater than a protest vote. Perhaps this poll will clearly confirm that Pastor McKinnon is absolutely correct. Perhaps it will show a larger discussion that should occur.

Share this so our sample can get Yuge!

Please share this poll and discuss this with people you know. I’m sickened by the idea that it might be necessary to vote the lesser of two evils. If enough people agree then maybe there is an alternative.

Enjoy the Olympic Games a nice retreat from the election.