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February 2015 Monthly Report

This is, as the title suggests, the monthly progress report for February 2015. This is the month where I became re-motivated in my mission to make this work. January was a poor month as far as performance goes and the the previous five months had not even earned a penny. I ran ads the entire time and tried to build organic traffic with no success. Even worse I had set it down and was only checking about once a week to see if any of my advertisements had done anything. Well one day in February I logged on and had earned a commission on a sale (maybe it had finally been long enough for the site to start ranking I’m not sure).

Whatever the reason the sound of a few pennies dropping into a bucket after hundreds of hours of work was satisfying. It has motivated me to continue working on the site. After making this first commission I became energized and wrote a few more articles.

These articles were not very important in the scheme of things if I am to be blatantly honest. However, they did draw my attention to the website. This was paramount that I was motivated and paying attention to the site.

What happened next was more of an accident. I was playing a video game and trolling the forums (ok I’m not really a troll, usually, I provide valuble input). Some of the guys (or gals, who knows) were playing around with a brand new system in the game. They had collected a handfull of data points and were attempting to figure out the formula behind the numbers (backwards derivation).

When I came across this (keep in mind I’ve taken 5 college courses,3 in graduate school, and 1 in highschool in statistics). I instantly knew that I could solve the problem and help people out. Naturally I did, I like helping people, and I posted the info on the forum. Unfortunately, it was rather complicated to explain. I figured well heck they do not have to know how it works to use it…they just need a calculator to do it for them. They can simply enter the independant variables and the calculator will provide the solution.

So I made the calculator and people liked it…so I made more calculators and people liked those as well. Now in the previous report I showed may tarffic from September to January. January had about 250 page views for the entire month a February was looking much the same. Then it changed google started pumping traffic like crazy to me (some people say that it takes about 6 months for content to rank which was about this same time, and lots of fresh new content). In any case traffic on my old pages increased and traffic on the new pages was solid.

September 2014 to February 2015 website traffic.
September 2014 to February 2015 website traffic.

Now keep in mind the bulk of that increase occurred over about a two week period and is partially a result of a sub reddit forum trending.  Needless to say I was very happy seeing this increase in traffic. I attribute about 50% of this to the calculators from looking at the real numbers and the other 50% to older content and some newer content.

An initiative I quickly took upon realizing that a significant portion of my web traffic came from the video game community is to begin reviewing some products for thatcommunity, namely computer peripheral devices.



Advertising & Commissions – $1.97



Total: -$18.03

So..yeah still in the red after hundreds of hours and half a year of work. This could be the blog to inspire you to not start a website. Fortunately, I am very stubborn so you can continue to read about my lack of success. I really am pumped about the traffic increase this month and casually optimistic that things may improve going forward. If I achieve the goal of the website self funding itself by the end of the year then I have a few other projects I might start working on while I continue this project.