Thesis, M.S. Environmental Science, Not Enough Time

Background – About Me

I’ve written a few articles at this point and I have to admit that I am really enjoying the process. My life is very ‘full’, let me explain. The idea for this website came to me one day and two days later I saw a godaddy ad for cheap web hosting for the first year. Twenty bucks later I had my domain name and an idea (9-20-2014) and go daddy’s website builder product. Well three days later I scraped that project called godaddy and switched to a WordPress account (the website builder didn’t suit what I was trying to do very well). WordPress has been amazing it is fairly easy to learn yet highly flexible, so far I have been very satisfied with godaddy and with WordPress.

Probably the hardest thing so far is ccontent my average article seems to be about 800-1000 words. New content daily is more difficult than you might imagine. First, an idea for an article must be developed (this has been pretty easy so far and I have ideas planned for the next week or two currently, I do worry that I may eventually run out of topics before developing a subscriber base that can suggest more topics and assist with the content ideas. Second, the article must be written this takes time. Third, it must be edited (I’m kinda skimping in this category at the moment with the plan to go back and fix it when I have more time available). Finally, I need to add pictures to my articles which requires going out and taking pictures.

Additionally, I am learning about affiliate marketing and google adsense and trying to get that stuff up and going (I’m not expecting to get rich from them though it would be nice if it covered my hosting expenses, which will increase to about $200 a year when my godaddy trial expires in 11 months). This takes additional time. I also work a fulltime day job, have three adorable boys, and an amazing loving and caring wife. Then there is graduate school…I am nearing completion of my M.S. in Environmental Science (writing the thesis right now). The last 10 weeks have been more or less like this:

Wake up at 5:30 am

Arrive at work 6:45 am

Leave work 2:45 pm

Get to school 3:15 pm

Work on thesis

Leave school 9:00 pm

Get home 9:30 pm

Say goodnight to wife and kids, do laundry etc…

Go to bed 11:00 pm

That’s 5-days a week


The other two days are

Wake-up at 6:00 am and see wife off to work

Spend time with three kids while wife is at work

Wife home 7:00pm

Watch a movie with family and hang out.


Then on Mondays and Tuesdays there is also Boy scouts and Soccer practice

And Saturday is soccer games.


….very quickly it becomes apparent that there is not much time for web development, learning WordPress and producing content….but here it is all the same.

The Problem – Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Time…

I have deadlines for thesis work that absolutely must be met. I also have chosen to produce daily content here and maintain my other obligations. Where can I improve time management in order to accomplish everything?

The Solution – Focus on Thesis

The number 1 priority is completing my thesis and collecting my Masters degree. Once that is complete I will have more time (about 40 hours a week extra) to focus on my other endeavors.

  1. Don’t worry about pictures on content (they can be acquired and added when I have more time.
  2. Write shorter articles.
  3. Write articles that require less research (like this one or Baby in the Toilet).
  4. Perhaps even skip a few days of articles over the next 4-8 weeks to gain additional time for the academic work.
  5. Stop applying to new jobs (did I mention that earlier? Yeah I’m also filling out about 10-15 applications a week, so that once I graduate I can move into a position related to my education, if you guys know anyone who will hire an Environmental Scientist please point them my way).
  6. Get some guest articles (maybe Randy)
  7. Outsource some content, wait no money for that ….nevermind

Well this list is a good start hopefully I can implement all (or at least some) of the solutions effectively.

Conclusion – Thesis First then the rest

The thesis is all that remains of my M.S. Degree (let me assure you it’s a ton of work). Then I can put this stage of my life behind me. The most effective method is to channel any available time and energy into the thesis and then put more energy into other stuff once that is finished.

P.S. No pictures, No Editing, No outbound links, just a  simple 835 word article. Thanks for understanding and please rest assured that I will make sure you get something worth the wait when I finish.

P.P.S. My thesis is about fungus on the tips of roots. I have been working since the beginning of 2012 on my thesis and have dedicated over 3000 hours of work in the reseach .