Proposed MMO PvP time delayed exp calculator


So I know there are some World of Warcraft players here….who remembers Alterac Valley? <raises hand>…at the end (and as the objective of the battlefield you had to defeat some NPC bosses …now imagine that those bosses offered exp…say blizzard determined that the average AV fight was over in 12 min (most were zerg rush but a some were drawn out ordeals 12 minutes is easy math). Suppose those end objectives on average took 12 minutes that’s 5 matches per hour. Suppose blizzard wanted players to average 100k exp per hour….OK, 100k exp divided by 5 (matches per hour) yeild 20k exp for completing the objective…OK fairly straight forward….except if it’s real competitive then you will only win 50% of the matches ….OK so here is where the magic comes in….the exp needs to be doubled (remember 50/50 chance if everything is equal sooooo 40k * 2.5 = 100k/hour…not quite there though because a good faction will win more and get more exp and become stronger and thus win even more creating a positive feedback loop causing one faction to rule supreme….thus one additional step is needed to counteract this positive feedback situation. This is what I term time delayed calculated modifier. This is to prevent the problems that stagnated Fusang in The Secret World (if you played that).

[b]Time delayed calculated modifier[/b] – essentially this is based on a love statistical analysis, I’m not going to work out the entire process but outline the system. Basically what the TDCM does is it examines a factions performance over a given time interval (or intervals if more stability is desired). Then experience tracking events are tracked (ie each time an event occurs a character gains experience …then the faction gets a +1…there are different catagories so a player kill would be one counter, a keep steal would be another, quest completion would be another, NPC kill might be another. Keep boss might be another ….

Anyways these are tallied over a specified time (say 72 hours, but maybe longer or shorter is better). Then every hour the modifier is recalculated basically the modifier looks to see what factions are doing the activity more and then the formula generates a modifier which rewards experience to counteract the bias of the positive feedback loop.

So a faction that completes the task less (either because they have fewer characters or they are not as skilled or…insert reason here) will get an equal reward when they do complete it which will maintain the balance and integrity within the system.

A sample formula for this might be:


A =  your faction’s count

B = one enemy faction’s count

C = other enemy faction’s count

Z = the number of factions that can complete the event (in Elder Scrolls online Cyrodil this number is 3 but in WoW Alterac Valley it is 2, in TSW Fusang it is 3…this number is determined by the game design and by the PvP design but it will be somewhere between 2 and infiniti).

base exp = the amount of exp that (given random results) would be required of the activity to produce the desired levelling speed (100k umelightened exp per hour,  like pve, or 400k per enlightened hour).


Total Count = T = A+B+C

Enemy Count = E = B+C


E/T * 1/Z * base exp


Here I made a proposed solution calculator so that you can experiment with different values to determine the exp per kill on a player using my formula above.  In the formula above (E/T * 1/Z) is the TDCM. Note: It doesn’t take into all the variables that an in game should but it should give a decent idea about how it would work.