Online Car Auto Calculator MPG Savings

This calculator will calculate the monetary savings in gasoline when purchasing a more fuel effecient vehicle. I am using this strategy to purchase a more effecient car essentially free. The idea is that I currently drive a gas hog and I am waiting until car/vehicle/automobile gasoline effeciency (MPG) and their purchase prices and gasoline costs create a favorable position where I can purchase and fuel a new car for the price of fueling my old car. To do so I focus on “No Interest for 60 month!” deals. Then plug in the info into the calculator. A savings greater than the cost of the car over the length of the loan = a win. When gas was $4.00 a gallon I was very close to achieving this. Also as the purchase cost of hybrid and electric vehicles decreases and their effeciency increases I get closer to this happening. The default numbers compare my Ford Crown Victoria to a Toyota Prius Base model 2015

Well enough talking here is the online auto savings calculator: