Grind Spot Calculator (rate per hour)

This is a calculator to help players of games to compare multiple locations and to effectively determine which location is best and nost effecient to achieve their goals. It is anticipated that this will be used for mmorpgs and other video games but it can also be used to quantify any activity (such as moves in chess, cars washed, miles per hour jogged over a known distance or widgets produced) to an hourly rate. Below the calculator you can find directions if needed.

Note: the longer your time the more accurate your result will be.

[CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”55″]Above is a calculator and a stopwatch. Simply enter your starting values in the calculator (these can be experience, gold, epic loot drops, dungeon runs, or any other quantifiable metric where you can determine a start and a finish value). For simplicity I will speak about experience.


  1. Enter your experience at the beginning.
  2. Click start on the stopwatch.
  3. Grind like crazy.
  4. Stop the stopwatch.
  5. Check your new experience value
  6. Enter your new experience value into the calculator
  7. Look at the timer, there are 3 pairs of large numbers and some small numbers. These are (from left to right) hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
  8. Enter the hours, minutes and seconds into the appropriately marked boxes in the calculator
  9. The calculator will provide a value this is how many experience you would gain from one hour of this grinding location/activity.
  10. There are pairs of boxes below these allow you to enter different location names and the rate per hour that you achieved at multiple locations for comparison.
  11. Record your value in the provided box and label it in the provided box so that you can remember what that value corresponds with.
  12. Travel to a new location.
  13. Click reset on the Timer
  14. Remove the old timer values and start and end experience values from the calculator.
  15. Record your new start experience
  16. Click start
  17. Follow the same process you did previously to get your first value.
  18. Record the value in the next slot
  19. There is space to compare up to 10 locations
  20. Do not refresh or exit the webpage the values you enter are not recorded and you will have to redo any grinds that you lost information about. (You may wish to just use the timer and calculator and record your end values in a word processor or with pen and paper).

Hopefully this calculator helps you find the best grindspot with the least effort and minimal math. To suggest changes please use the contact us box.