Dr. Who Tweed Jacket

Background – Dr. Who Tweed Jacket, Halloween

My sons love Halloween, I mean it might be in their top three holidays. About five months ago we started planning for the holiday. It started with a simple “What would you all like to be for Halloween this year?”. The answer from both boys was Dr. Who. Normally it might be odd for two children to be the same character, imagine two of Elvis, it just creates problems. Dr. Who avoids all of these problems because he can travel in time and space (which can allow him to be at the same time/location twice (at a different point in his own timeline). What about them having a slightly different physical appearance? Again Dr. Who has this solved as well, he periodically dies and returns in a different physical form, in fact one time he thought he came back as a girl. The life of a time lord is surely interesting.

The Problem – Costume Problems

We spent the next few months searching for clothing for a five year old and an eight year old. The button down shirts, pants, shoes, and even bow ties were easy to find. However, the tweed jackets posed an unexpected problem. We finally found one for the five year old in the end it took three months of searching and cost about $10. The eight year old was a different story we searched and searched in the end after 4 months of searching the best we could source was a $400 Ralph Lauren tweed jacket.

The Solution – International Search

As time began running out we began expanding our search and eventually located a tweed jacket in the U.K. (thank you, my British friends for making reasonably priced children’s tweed jackets) on eBay for 9 pounds ($15). So we ordered it immediately and contacted the seller. The seller refused to ship it internationally. We eventually made contact with a friendly citizen of the U.K. who was kind enough to give us her office address and receive the package inside the country. Following this we filled out the import/export papers, paid the appropriate fees and $98.00 later the jacket was enroute to us via international courier. Total Cost: $113.00, Next best $400 at Ralph Lauren.

Dr. Who Tweed Jacket
The Dr. Who Tweed Jacket just out of the packaging.


International shipping is a small pain and quite expensive but if you are selling something and your customer requests that you ship internationally and is willing to pay the expenses. Then there is no reason to not assist. Finally for those in the united states if your business can figure out how to get tweed jackets in the USA for under Ralph Laurens price then you might be able to sell them.