Hiking in Colorado

BOB Strollers – Hiking

Background – Hiking at Brekenridge

One summer we were in Breckenridge hiking, we had everyone there, including the 6 year old and the 3 year old and the 1 year old niece. We arrived and put our things up and immediately hit the trails. Quickly it became apparent that we needed equipment to hike in Colorado with children who were not used to the elevation. This resulted in the rental on tough equipment. Including a hiking backpack and a BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller.

Hiking in Colorado
One of the trails going up the ski slope to a peak above the treeline.

The Problem – Young Children are Hard on the Trail

Young children are hard to handle on the trail. They get worn out at mile three and need to be carried along. This can be exhausting work even for a young healthy man.

The Solution – BOB Stroller

our BOB stroller
BOB Stroller Suspension

As mentioned above we rented a BOB stroller. Now I know you’re thinking -A stroller hiking?- let me assure you the BOB is up to the task. In fact we purchased one online for delivery to our home before we left Brekenridge! This stroller is beast it is made from thick metal to create a sturdy frame. It has oversized wheels that roll over small obstacles with ease and can (with careful maneuvering) even handle some larger obstacles. The tires are reminiscent of mountain bike tires with thick rubber tread that grips the trail like superglue. It has a handbrake to assist with slowing the stroller down on the down hill portions. A nylon rope to attach to your body to prevent the stroller from getting away should you slip. An all weather accessory called the Bob Weather Shield can be purchased separately to protect the little ones from the rain and does the job well. There is even a BOB Sun Shield to keep the sun off (we didn’t buy the sun shield but giving the quality of other BOB products I imagine this accessory does its job superbly. There is even a 2-Child BOB ready for the trail.


BOB stroller tire
The tread,tire and valve stem. Its just like a mountain bike only different, sorry it’s a bit dirty from our gravel driveway.

Conclusion – If you don’t have a BOB get one.

The are awesome, they go anywhere. The accessories we bought worked simple. The seat has a 5 point harness and can recline for child comfort. The 3 year old fell asleep on the trail. The only downside is the price. My recommendation is if you can afford one and you want to hike enough that the cost is worthwhile then a BOB is the best stroller money can buy. We have owned it 2.5 years and its still great. Our newest child (14 months) loves it too. It will last (we store ours indoors) and serve you well.