Baby in the Toilet

Baby in the Toilet

Background – I was at work

This one afternoon I was at work. Apparently the wife was having a relaxed day.  She was hanging out with our one year old playing and having fun. It was a good break after yesterdays cleaning effort where she bleached the toilet scrubbed the bathtub. washed the mirrors and more. Suddenly her phone rang…who could it be? She darted to the other room to answer it…it was her mother with a quick question. A minute later she walked back to get the baby and guess what she found?


Baby in the Toilet
You never know what might happen when the phone rings and you have children.

The baby had climbed into the toilet and apparently very proud of himself.

The Problem – Baby in the Toilet

The obvious problem is the baby climbed into the toilet….ewwww. Previously we have been having the problem where the baby goes and splashes in the toilet and gets his hands dirty. To solve this we had been very meticulous about keeping the door to both bathrooms shut. This photo is evidence of failure to close the door meticulously enough.  For some reason he is obsessed with the toilet so we have to be very vigilant about keeping the toilet clean and encouraging his older two brothers (8 and 5) to flush every time and keep the doors shut.

The Solution – Baby out of the Toilet

Well the immediate solution, obviously, is to remove the baby from the toilet and wash him off thoroughly…very thoroughly (thank goodness it was clean and bleached yesterday and that he had the sense/luck to not go headfirst). I am looking for more permanent solutions, currently we are very obsessive (not enough apparently) about keeping all bathroom doors closed (you see the result of failure to do so). I am ordering a seat lid lock such as this, Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok, hopefully a lock will prevent future problems. The main item of concern when picking out an appropriate seat lid lock will be to ensure that the older brothers can easily lock and unlock the device (we wouldn’t want any accidents).


Well a baby in the toilet is never good. There are products to help with this which I am strongly considering purchasing at this point. Oddly, yesterday I hinted that today’s article would be about behavior in the bathroom and this was not the intended article. Tomorrow the article will be a Sunday Special dealing with Starbucks.