Condensation House 3

Martian Combination Plant

A while back I posted about working on my thesis for my M.S. in Environmental Science. Now is the time where I am looking for a job. Let’s go back to the beginning of this website. Initially the goal was to do daily posts of useful information with weekly posts of big business environmental solutions. Some of these included Starbucks coffee cups and Drive Through windows. One that I held off on I am going to share today since I am using it in a cover letter for an application to SpaceX.

Obviously I have no idea how this letter will impact my application (I hope I get the job, well any job at SpaceX would be freaking cool! I mean who wouldn’t want to be a part of the team that potentially makes humans a multi-planet species). 

Oh yeah, SpaceX, here is the diagram I wanted to share with you…I made it a few months back and intended to write about it then decided not too. However your attachments section on the application wouldn’t accept images, so I figured I would go ahead and share with everyone. Condensation House 3


Also, to be fair to my readers, here is a copy of the cover letter which contains an explanation of the diagram.

I like to think of myself as an innovative and creative thinker. I am often taking ideas from vastly different fields and combining them to create solutions to problems. One such idea that I put together and had hoped that it could be used to help third world coastal communities is a solar powered water purifying and electric generating combo plant (which actually might be useful for martian colonization).


The idea relys on combining several simple ideas together:


First, the idea that the waste of one process can be used in another process (recycling).


Second, that some carbon and gold based nanoparticles can efficiently create steam (even in ice water) just utilizing sunlight.


Third, there are situations where sunlight is an underutilized resource and there exists a water and/or electric shortage. Some places might be Coastal Africa, an Ice Sheet in Antarctica, Dubai, Japan, California, Florida….the fact is as technology increases more people are on the power grid and this means that more power generation is always useful. As the population increases the supply of fresh water per capita decreases. Sunlight is plentiful it is emitted in every direction from the sun and will continue to be for another 5 billion years.


So this idea works on these existing ideas in a (hopefully) new approach. Basically, a greenhouse is built (it can be any size). This greenhouse contains a pool. The pool contains water (salt water in the case of coastal third world earth). Inside the water is dissolved nano particles and the roof of the glass house is a solar condenser(maybe a Fresnel lens). This concentrates the beam on a smaller area allowing for vigorous steam creation. This steam is funneled into a pipe, through a turbine generating electricity and finally sent into a condenser coil underground (possibly at a higher elevation to create a kind of uphill water storage area and function as both a storage for the distilled water and an electrical battery for times when sunlight is not available (similar to Raccoon Mountain, in Tennessee).


This is great (with development) for remote locations with poor access to modern infrastructure. For SpaceX I feel this has even greater potential a system such a this on the mars project could generate water, electricity, allow separation of hydrogen (fuel) and oxygen (for breathing), and the glass house (greenhouse) could be outfitted with hydroponics systems to capture and utilize any non captured solar energy. Additionally as a result of the atmospheric composition of Mars being thinner than Earth’s it is possible that more solar energy is able to penetrate to be utilized for the production of pure distilled water and electricity, and a backup battery storage system allowing for overnight power as needed.


Here’s a link to a copy of this letter and a basic diagram of the proposed system:


I know this job posting is for an environmental technician and the job description doesn’t exactly ask for innovation of solutions for space colonization…That’s OK, I will do whatever I can to help humanity (for SpaceX would be really cool) and if it is as simple as ensuring that other professionals are safe and able to solve these problems I am on board. I would love a foot in the door and an opportunity to be on a team changing the world.


J. Miles Jorgensen

P.S. Thanks for reading this far and I hope the rest of the applications you read can put a smile on your face.

Well that’s the letter…I hope it plus a resume and a copy of my thesis is enough to get me in the door to work at one of the coolest companies.