The Logitech H540 USB headset I purchased for my wife.

Logitech H540 USB Headset

We (my wife and I) just bought a new Logitech H540 USB Headset for playing Elder Scrolls Online. Previously we had a wireless bluetooth headsets and they were functional for video chat. However, when we tried to utilize them for a  mmorpg and join in a ventrilo or a team speak chat they were problematic (we suspect driver issues). As a result my wife eventually got frustrated and asked me to by her a new headset. After much research and price comparisons this is the one that was selected.

The Logitech H540 USB headset I purchased for my wife.
The Logitech H540 USB headset I purchased for my wife the mute and volume controls can be seen on the exterior of the earpiece.

The reason this headset got purchased is because it was reasonably priced. The headset was USB and thus not susceptible to the recent problems we had experienced with the Bluetooth headset. It had easy to access buttons on the exterior of the ear piece. It also had noise canceling capability. The ear pads were nice and plush providing for increased comfort.

The drawbacks to this particular model are that it is in the midrange of the bulky catagory. This is probably more of a preferential factor. Second, it has a cord…yeah I’m definantly a consumer …don’t like a cord because it is in the way, and don’t like wireless because it is more prone to errors. Finally, the microphone piece is a little short for my taste. My personal preference would be for it to be extended another inch or two and have a flexible tip that can be bent towards the front of your mouth.

I prefer the bent mouth piece that extends to the front for several reasons. First, it allows more direct access to your speaking. Second, as a result of the more direct access to speaking on many voice chat software systems you can increase the threshold for voice activated speaking. This means that background noise (like kids, TV, dog, etc…) will be less likely to falsely trigger the voice activation when you’re not speaking. ¬†Overall, I think this headset does pretty good at producing quality input of your speech despite the mouthpiece being further away. It also does a decent job on the voice activated front but I imagine an better microphone apperature would be even better (but then it would get in the way of sodas and French fries….).

I am a fan of Logitech peripherals in general because the company reliably produces a good arrary of products of various cost levels (not super high end or super low end) and their products tend to work as advertised and provide good value for the cost. Over the years I have used dozens of Logitech products (wireless remotes for entertainment centers, mice, headsets, microphone, webcams) and I can think of only one product that I was unhappy with based on the price I paid relative to the quality I received.

If you are looking for a wired USB headset under $50 then Logitech H540 USB Headset is worth a look.