Thief Constellations Calculator – Under Development


This calculator is still under development it has some of the design features implemented. A majority of the mathematical portion is not yet implemented. It is being posted in its current form in order to receive feedback prior to further development. Feedback may be submitted at the thread for the calculators at the official ESO (elder scrolls online forums).

While this is being developed the basic calculators should be used to get information. The basic calculators will always provide more in depth info about the individual stars while the Thief, Mage, Warrior calculators will provide useful but more limited information.

The thief calculator version at current has been shifted from boxes with input values to slide bars. The Tower group has logic programmed in to display the appropriate passives as they are unlocked.

Planned additional information includes: new stamina value from hidden thief bonus. Added stats from the individual stars to your character. Your character information will be entered at the top and all output will appear at the bottom.

This is my current idea of the direction of this calculator and it may (will probably) change throughout the development of the advanced calculator. Once a stable functioning calculator that I am happy with for thief is complete then I will work on the Mage and Warrior versions.