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Elder Scrolls Online and Inventory Management

Lately I have been seeing threads appear regarding lack of inventory space on the official Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESO: TU) forums. I thought I would share my list of tips and tricks to maximize the use of your inventory space.

First make a small guild with 9 friends who can all be trusted. Then keep (as a group) a full stack of each crafting item in the bank, style material and common trait materials.

We keep all the rarer materials to ourselves and sell excess. But 500 slots worth of common crafting mats makes it a non issue on my inventory.

Another solution is to create all of your characters and increase their bag space (buy bag upgrades, and buy capacity on your horse, and buy bank size upgrades).

Limit crafts to 1-3 per character ( I usually do about two crafts per toon) but some of the more intensives crafts I limit to 1.

The game is b2p, perhaps the easiest and most convienant thing you can do to help manage your inventory is to buy a second account this adds all kinds of inventory management bonuses, a second bank, 8 inventories, 5 guild slots for additional trade guilds (if 5 trade guilds cannot jeep everything sold you need better trade guilds). Additionally you can mail all stuff back and forth so you don’t have to jet back to town immediately when inventory is full. If you get 5 people with 2 accounts each then you can make five guilds and each player has their own guild bank….thats a lot of additional bank space for a player.

The old return-a-rooskie routine….make a friend in the game mail your items to them and mark the title as return please….when they receive then hopefully they will press ‘r’ sending the items back for you to deal with in town at a later time.

Join auction guilds and sell everything (you can make a metric ton of money) then just buy mats or gear when you need it. ¬†Gold is the common denominator, everything has a gold value and everything can be bought with gold. If you sell everything you will quickly gain enough money to buy the necessary thinks to level alchemy and provisioning (takes an hour or two to go from 1-50 if you buy mats). If you deconstruct all armors, weapons and enchants then your other four crafting skills should be maxed sometime between vr1 and vr14. Sell everything and buy what you will use….

This brings me to my biggest trick, weapon and armor crafting materials are worthless, don’t buy them and don’t store them, they are essentially for auctioning or vendor trash. All that jute iron leather, hide etc… You can guaranteed in about 5 min acquire level appropriate mats with plenty left over to make a full armor set. How? Simple goto town, goto the vendor area and ‘steal’ all the armors and weapons from the tables. It has to be stolen ones so if it doesn’t say steal then the item is worthless and will vendor for 0g and deconstruct into nothing…you have to take a risk to get a reward.

Essentially the only crafting mats I keep are the green, blue, purple, yellow upgrade items and style and trait materials…everything else is in the guild bank (small guild of friends) and when it isn’t in the guild bank it is easily acquired. Just make sure you research research research cause thats the real limiter.

Hopefully some of these tips and tricks will help you not feel overwhelmed in the next group dungeon you run or the next long outing into the wilderness.