This is my ugly face in November of 2014.

About Us

Current Vision:

This website in it’s current form has several purposes. The first is to communicate useful information to people either better, more conveniently, or in a unique way such that this site fills a roll that no other site on the web fulfills.

In order to accomplish this goal there is a contact us form on every page on the entire site. This is to allow easy and direct contact with us. If there is anything you would like to know please fill out the form with your question and we will seek to find the best answer.

Currently the site supports calculators for the Champion Points stars in the video game Elder Scrolls Online. It also contains some money saving tips that people can do at home. Product reviews for various products that I have purchased and use around the home. Typically these reviews are positive (because I do a lot of research before purchasing an item to ensure that it fill my need).

About Us:

Currently “Us” is really just me (with hopes that someday it may encompass more). Here is a photo of me:

This is my ugly face in November of 2014.
This is my ugly face in November of 2014 (my wfie took the photo).

I am in my 30’s and have completed High School, an Associates Degree (general ed, for transfer to a four year university), a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and finally a Master of Science in Environmental Science. In addition I also have 15 years of work history in various jobs (the last 10 years have been involved in emergency communications).

I created this website partially as an experiment the idea was to try being a webmaster and to create a product that paid for itself within a year. I purchased an introductory offer from for a year of WordPress hosting (I think it was about $20 at the end of the year this will increase to $9.99/month). ┬áThis was in September of 2014 (while I was working on my thesis work and didn’t have much time) and the goal was to post an article a day to build a following and accomplish the self funding goal within a year. Needless to say an article a day by a single person is very ambitious for a hobby.

I have spent my time learning all I can about WordPress, affiliate marketing, advertising, content development, publishing, and other technical and nontechnical information related to this project. At current I am not an expert and still consider myself a student in the art of being a webmaster.

As of writing this new about information I am beginning what I have seen in other webpages where I track my progress, successes and blunders. This is mainly for my own information so that I can continually improve the product I provide but it also can serve as a resource for others who aspire to do a project like mine. I am going to begin a monthly report which tracks expenses, income, projects, trials and mistakes (and any other notes I may want to retain for future information).

The initial goal of the website:

A Solution A Day is a place where you can go to find solutions to everyday problems. Each day a solution to a small business or home problem will posted. These might range from saving electricity to saving water and saving money or it could be something like planning the route you take to work each day. The attempt is to create a proactive environment which seeks to improve processes before they become problems.

If you have a problem and need a solution please contact us with your problem and we will help you to find a solution. We are firm believers there is no process which is perfect. Conversely this means that every process can be improved.

The place where problems are solved