Samsung Gear S2 Review (7+ months of use)

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

I received my Samsung Gear S2 Classic for Christmas last year. It has been on my wrist practically everyday since then. I wanted to share it with everyone because I really like this watch a lot. I am a bit on the heavier side and this watch has directly contributed to me losing some weight. When  received this watch I immediately enjoyed the pedometer and began walking everyday to ensure I got enough daily steps in. Well this added activity led to dieting and weightlifting and 15 lbs of weight loss later I can honestly say it all began with the watch. I have it paired with my Samsung S5 phone.

Features I Like
  • Pedometer – Great for increasing physical activity
  • Remote Control of Camera on my Phone – This is great for filming or photoing yourself
  • Rotating Bevel – Its got a great rotating bevel that’s fun to use.
  • Text messaging – Replying to text messages is a breeze
  • Checking E-mail – a breeze to see if I should find a computer or get out my phone to respond.
  • One touch Alarm Turn off – just lift the phone and swipe the screen to acknowledge alarms from your phone .
  • Call Answering – Can answer the phone from your watch, allowing time to get your phone from your pocket or the desk across the room.
  • The Classic version works with any standard watchband for lots of customization options.
  • Many downloadable watch faces
  • Aesthetics
  • Locate your phone – This feature causes your phone to ring even when it is on silent. Ever since I got this I do not have to waste time trying to locate my phone.
  • When using the phone with my car speakers I can select music using the watch from Samsung’s radio stations. With an unlimited data plan this is a great digital radio for on the go.
  • Obviously it tells the time and date and battery level.
  • There is a watch face that can show me daily stock quotes and news.
  • Water resistant
  • Wireless Charging – no more cords going bad, works as advertised for 7 months going now.
  • Long Battery Life

Features I wish it had

Speaker-  want to be able to talk into it like an Apple Watch and hear the person on the line respond, it has a mic but no speaker. This is mildly annoying but as an android phone user I would not choose another android watch over this. If I had an iPhone and I were deciding between this and the Apple Watch then the lack of a speaker would make me choose the Apple Watch as the devices are comparable in almost every other way (my wife has an Apple Watch so I have done the side by side). Additionally, I think the 3g version actually comes with a microphone.

Camera – Maybe pointing out the side between the two buttons so I can photo on the go and send it to my phone SD card. Video and still capture would be great and preferably 5+ megapixels.

How I Care for my Gear

I wear it to the gym and get all sweaty

It does not go swimming (technically is should be fine but I’ve never tried).

I usually take it off in the shower (but I have showered with it a couple dozen times, I make sure to keep it from being directly hit by the falling water and keep soap off of it…by the way adjusting your music from your watch while you shower is pretty awesome).

I did not tempt fate by wearing it to the beach or ocean. The sand and salt water scare me too much.

Other than that I wear it everywhere, wash my hands with it on and everything else. I take it off at night and throw it on the charger then put it on the next morning.


I recommend a Gear S2 as a daily watch  after wearing it constantly for over 7 months. The Classic version is my favorite because of the watch band options at the time. It was preferable to me to not be dependent on whatever watch bands were produced for the Samsung proprietary band connector. So for $50 extra I got the classic and now I can use virtually any traditional watch band on the market.

I prefer the looks of the Gear S2 to the Apple Watch or other Smart Watches. If you use a Samsung phone with it then I would not consider any other watch because you can unlock the watch’s full potential with the Samsung phone.  However if you must be able to use the watch to talk on the phone then you may wish to get a watch with a speaker (the gear works with a Bluetooth headset but I don’t wear Bluetooth earpieces).