Not so quick to call Trump full of IT!


I was reading some articles about the political campaign and this article caught my attention. Basically it asserts that even in a scripted speech Trump is making up numbers. Here’s an open letter response to a part of  the criticism.

Kevin Drum,

First I’m a Berner…but in your article yesterday you were critical of Donald Trumps unemployment numbers. Here is some reading material that may shed some light for you.

See the graph here and the read the explanation for the shadow stats calculations at this pdf.
The U6 utilizes the post 1994 numbers which can be argued to skew the actual numbers when compared to the method utilized prior to 1994. There is some debate that the U6 calculations are less accurate (intentional to make Bill Clinton Economic Improvement look good??? Just speculation but it makes you wonder….) than the method utilized prior to u6 shows.

I’m not gonna say if Trump is right or wrong for using this or similar information but it might be part his numbers. Perhaps it would be prudent to not so quick to say someone is full of IT. Accusations like this especially if they are potentially incorrect will only help his message. Perhaps your next article can discuss why his source (whatever it is) is worse than the U6 and your analysis.



P.S. I started to just e-mail you but then I thought that perhaps others would benefit from a possible source as well. Please don’t take this personally I am just attempting to do my part and keep the political discussion the country is having accurate.