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Introduction to A Solution A Day

Here at A Solution A Day our visitors are our number one priority. That’s why a contact box is on the first page you see. Everyday we give solutions to problems we discover or that our visitors suggest. This box is here for you to tell us how we can improve the service that we provide. If you have the time to submit it, we have the time to read it and try to fix it.

Also if you would like to submit a request for a topic for A Solution A Day to write an article on, then use this box for that as well. If you are a small or large business and would like something special…well by now you know how to reach us.

One last thing if you visit and just wanna tell us that you like what we are doing here then put it in the box and send it to us. Eventually we may add a post for people to comment on us publicly. If you want to comment specific to an article then please use the comment box below the article for that kind of feed back.

We also accept guest articles, if you have an idea for an article and would like to submit it then please submit it in the comment box with your written permission to post the article. If we accept your solution then you will be given full credit for the article. Unfortunately we are unable to compensate you for your article at this time.


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